What´s behind the next wave?

Our past innovations prove our ability to meet future challenges.

November 1 marks a new chapter for EWOS, a world leading salmon feed supplier. With Altor Equity Partners and Bain Capital as new owners EWOS is now an independent company prepared for strong growth. Read more...



Innovations that changed aquaculture

Learn more about innovations that changed the global fish industry.

Innovation that changed
feed delivery

The new way of benchmarking growth performance

Reduce your risk with better feed

How farmed fish became stronger

Innovations constantly change how we live our lives, both as individuals and as a society. The effects of new innovations can spread around the globe like ripples on the water, some faster and with more momentum than others. This applies for aquaculture too, where EWOS has changed the global fish feed industry through innovation.

Our ripples of innovation are changing the way we produce sustainable fish feed, improving the efficiency and productivity of fish farming operations and enabling the supply of healthy and delicious fish, forever.